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OS development

I started writing two operating systems from scratch.

Tree OS was the first iteration which is able to read files from an attached SATA disk. However, the design unintentionally turned into a huge monolithic kernel, making further expansion very difficult.

Honey OS is the new one where I actually went through the effort to correctly implement paging. Therefore, multiasking is made possible and there are a number of different system calls implemented. Furthermore, each process has its own memory space to avoid interference between processes.

Even though the project will probably never see any real world use, learning about the x86 architecture is really beneficial.

Traffic simulator

For school, I wrote a scientific article about a topic related to "everyday physics". I focused on the design of urban intersections. For this, I needed a simulation for cars traversing different designs. You can find the souce code here.


I developed an Android application to dynamically synthesize music. Behind the android and kotlin frontend, some c++ code for the sound synthesis is running in the background.


I personally created this website you are currently looking at using Angular and the Material design theme. Additionally, I also created Frank Eisenhauer's webpage and host an instance of gitBucket.

The backend was made using Ruby on rails and is responsible for the quotes you can see at the bottom of the page.

If you want to take a look at the old version made just with HTML and CSS, click here.


For the open source Minecraft client Minosoft, I developed the voxel-rendering engine and implemented major parts of the physics as well. Additionally, I started development on a new GUI rendering system which wasn't merged.



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