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Welcome to my portfolio website!

Web development

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Over the time, I have created quite a few websites. While the journey started with bare HTML and CSS, I have learned to enjoy high-level frameworks like react and next.js.

Most of my back ends are powered by a MySQL database whose data is accessed either by PHP, ruby on rails or node.js.

On my server, I run an apache web server as a reverse proxy and host a personal instance of gitbucket, where I publish all my projects in addition to github.

OS development

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Tree OS is an open source x86 operating system written from scratch.

It is based on the micro kernel architecture which tries to limit the functionalities implemented in the kernel. Instead, most functionalities are delegated to user-level processes which in turn implement functionalities.

This approach however is quite slow due to the high number of privilege level changes the CPU has to make. This is where the project name honey OS comes from.

While there are some parts written in x86 assembly, the bulk of the code is written in C.


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I really like physics and often use my programming knowledge to gather further insights by simulating different interesting situations.

For my research paper I had to write for school, I created a Unity simulation to investigate different urban intersection designs and compare their effectiveness without having to run expensive real-world studies.

While trying to better understand quantum mechanics, I created a finite element analysis to numerically solve the time-dependent schrodinger equation.

Using my aquried knowledge, I I wrote an article about the Schrodinger equation and held a presentation for which I created some nice visuals for simple wave functions.

3D graphics

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For the open source minecraft client minosoft, I created a custom voxel-based rendering engine in OpenGL, a simple physics system and a HUD framework.

I also made a ray tracing engine using Unity's compute shaders to create photo realistic images by simulating how a material would appear in the real world. This can then be used to create shadows, reflections and correctly display transparent objects with their refractive and reflective properties. One special feature in this project is that multiple material layers are supported. This means that a light ray has a certain chance of passing trough a layer and will not interact with that layer and instead bounce off a later layer. This is an important property for everyday objects like skin or any object with a clear reflective coating over a colored material.

Music app

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My tiny music app can be used to create a backing track to play along to.

All sounds are synthesized on the fly with 4 different base waveforms, ADSR envelope and multiple effects can be added as well.

The bulk of the app is written in Kotlin but the sound engine was made in C++ to improve performance.

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